April’s fool (Bonus Piece)

I lay on my carpet right now thinking of when the spring shall begin,... seems like winter is over but spring is yet to arrive.... I bid you happy new month and i must say that this month will be appropriate for the spring to begin as I was once sprung on a young lady who … Continue reading April’s fool (Bonus Piece)


Thanks,… But I’m Sorry

It's the 15th of June, 2011 and I am taking a walk to the ICT centre in Covenant University and at that point I could have tweeted "#np Give you more,... J. Moss"...simultaneously I say "Thank you Jesus'. I reach the ICT centre, make a cash withdrawal and when stepping out, I say again, "Thank … Continue reading Thanks,… But I’m Sorry

To that Amazing young lady who I am still searching for… (where it all began)

So,.. I have been writing for a little over 3 years now,... and I guess i never really told anyone where the very first thing i wrote was. So today is a major throwback,... to the point where it all began... [Dude, is this your way of saying that you were too lazy to come … Continue reading To that Amazing young lady who I am still searching for… (where it all began)

Physics 101: Lesson 1

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle suggests that its is impossible to determine both the position and momentum of a particle accurately at any given point in time. This is because in order to get one measurement, we ultimately affect the particle and thus constantly change the parameters which we seek to measure. In the same way, one … Continue reading Physics 101: Lesson 1

Title This,…

It is the 1st of July, 2006.. we are well seated on the left hand side of the Corona Secondary School auditorium... [ We used to call it the Hall then,...] putting on purple ties and lilac shirts,... [Dude get to the point,...] An unusual cloud of mixed feelings hung over my head cos i … Continue reading Title This,…

Impossible (Bonus Piece)

Tripping for impossibility,... It has become my motto,... Time and chance,... my excuse,... It is like the love chain (check out http://wp.me/p4keh0-r) all over again but this link on the chain is so loveable that there are definitely more than two links connected. I would have probably called it the love triangle [story for another day] … Continue reading Impossible (Bonus Piece)