Happy Birthday April….

....It's April's Birthday today (remember the April fromĀ April's fool right?)... so I pulled out a little skit. I hope you all like it (especially her though ;)).... I just read a little skit from a great role model of mine, "Ted Dekker"... One of the most amazing writers I know and I think what connects … Continue reading Happy Birthday April….


Happy Easter in Advance (Easter Special)

Happy Good Friday in advance everyone,... I can imagine that 2014 years ago.... Jesus was being dragged along the streets, beaten and battered, carrying an old rugged cross,... awaiting the probably tetanus infested nails which were to pierce his wrists,... WOW,... What unimaginable love!!.. Then a group of individuals would its somewhere and attribute Easter … Continue reading Happy Easter in Advance (Easter Special)

Find the Room

20/10/10 In 2003, I was just getting done with junior secondary school... Just rounded my junior NECO exams and was in full swing to put on what we called "The Cape" [it was what we called the senior uniform then,...] however, before 2003, I never saw a 2006 that ended with covenant university...[My dreams were … Continue reading Find the Room