Forgiveness is easy; Forgetting is hard…

This is a Throwback piece, so i will be including dates so that you get the full picture. Hope you enjoy it... 5/11/10 Forgiveness.... I always said this was a topic for another day,... Well, i guess today is a collision of other days and am combining it with 'The Bigger Person Syndrome' aka BPS … Continue reading Forgiveness is easy; Forgetting is hard…


The reality of Fairy Tales

For people like me who love movies like Frozen, tangled, enchanted and series like Once upon a time... we love fairy tales... we do not have to believe in them... but we love them anyway. They give us hope that in some alternate universe, things like True love, absolute trust, daring courage, pure evil etc … Continue reading The reality of Fairy Tales

Engineering Math 301: Lesson 1

  Figure 1: Joseph Fourier Figure 1 illustrates the perceived image and likeness of a man who is both an angel and a demon #DanBrown; Joseph Fourier... An angel to engineers and a demon to engineering students. He came up with this thing (i.e. The Fourier Transform) which people use to convert signals from time … Continue reading Engineering Math 301: Lesson 1

Biology 101:Lesson 1

It is the 23rd of March,... today, I cried for the first time in forever,.. [Well,... given that I had to fake-cry myself out of trouble sometime in 2012, forever has actually been about a year and a]. I wanted to stop being sad and start being awesome instead #BarneyStinson and i stumbled upon … Continue reading Biology 101:Lesson 1

May Day May Day,… I am under Attack (Bonus Piece)

I put on the captain's cap and stroll into the airport,... one stunning air hostess on my right and another not-so-stunning one on my left... [Well she wasn't bad, but,... her beauty was paled in comparison]... I step into the aircraft,... do all the pre-take off checks and voila,.. my co-pilot steps in... "An even … Continue reading May Day May Day,… I am under Attack (Bonus Piece)