I have been having writer's block for a while now and i guess that it is a little obvious from the last post that it is really not gone. I sit and ponder on how to put the words in my mind in the exact form so as to convey an enchanted meaning. Well, I … Continue reading A-muse-ing


Yes or No,….

Today makes it 3 years  and 2 days since i graduated from Covenant University.... I remember dancing like crazy not because i had the best result possible,.. (actually got the worst possible results i could have wished for),... but because it was finally over. The period of uncertainty was over and i had made it … Continue reading Yes or No,….

Please Take me Back

It has been a struggle,…. A Herculean task,… a battle against myself that I am afraid I’m losing… I should never have given up on us,… I should have never walked away… So here I stand hoping you will take me back today. I remember the fun times, when we would sit together at the … Continue reading Please Take me Back

I wanna Know what Love is…

I was kinda watching this episode of 'Orange is the new Black' where everyone was giving their definition of love. I think its a general consensus that Poussey's definition should be accepted for the show ;)... [By the way, this is me recommending Orange is the New Black,... it is Legen... w8 4 it]... Well, … Continue reading I wanna Know what Love is…

To the lady in the Yellow dress….. the words i dare not say….

I saw you from across the room, sleek yellow dress, carefully woven hair, skin so flawless that it was hard to say where the make-up ended and the skin began. I thought of ants immediately because of how sweet you looked and how although they have absolutely nothing to say, some of the smartest guys ever … Continue reading To the lady in the Yellow dress….. the words i dare not say….

Perfect Crush (Bonus Piece)

Well, i almost did not write this bonus piece but that would have not been mighty Nigerian of me... (we are not used to rejecting Bonuses #SuperEagles).... Anyways, Happy July or in french Heurex Juliet... (its unfortunate that i have to reference the people who crushed our dreams of the World Cup).... and without further ado, … Continue reading Perfect Crush (Bonus Piece)