As easy as A, B, C, D….

A B C D Ok,... lets make our brains work a little today,... we have a four-digit number whose last digit (i.e. D) can be equated to the expression Log 100. I am quite sure that if you have done any kind of advanced mathematics that should be easy...(or you could just use a calculator... :)) … Continue reading As easy as A, B, C, D….


Protected: Math 101: Lesson 2

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A Questionnable Heart

So its another Thursday and I know I said I was going to stop but I mean, me without my blog is like Jollof without Rice.... (I mean really what is Jollof without Rice????...) I saw this awesome picture above on Instagram and well it is easy to deduce that the candles form a heart … Continue reading A Questionnable Heart


I guess the late post hashtag is quite appropriate for this post as it is a little over a week late. 7th of June was the date, 6:32pm was the time and in that very moment, I knew not that life as I knew it was about to change. Its kinda amazing that you could … Continue reading #LatePost