We live in a desert

As the saying goes, "Grass is always greener in the neighbour's yard",.... we as humans always seek what we have not and what we can't have. It is in our nature to always want stuff. It may not be exactly right for us but we want it anyway.... Let's however pause our thinking for a … Continue reading We live in a desert


Completely Finished

The experience section of my Linkedin Page is like the most confused list of jobs ever.... I have experience in different sectors for short periods of time but the memories are everlasting. I remember that one hot afternoon as a Corp Member posted to work at a bank as a marketer. That still seems to … Continue reading Completely Finished

Physics 101: Lesson 2

Figure 1: Archimedes Eureka Statue (North Campus UoM) If you are a student of the University of Manchester who studies in North Campus, you are bound to recognise figure 1. Such a scary face to see everyday on the way to and from school. It supposed to be a representation of a great scientist and … Continue reading Physics 101: Lesson 2

….On this Day last Year….

On this day last year,... I sat in front of my computer contemplating whether or not to finally listen to her. She had suggested it more than once before and I had always said, "I like to keep such activity private".... but for how long could I post her,.... How long could I put her … Continue reading ….On this Day last Year….

E-mask-ulating,… (Bonus Piece)

I am standing on a field in high school when a beautiful young lady walks up behind me and pokes her 2 index fingers at my sides and says, Hey!!!.... The tickle feeling had gone up and down my nervous systems before i was able to fully decipher her voice. It was a reflex action … Continue reading E-mask-ulating,… (Bonus Piece)