Physics 101: Lesson 3

Newton's 1st law of motion states; "A body continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line until acted upon by an external force"... I happened to tweak it a little to fit the current purpose of this post and it goes,..."A person continues in their usual character until they are … Continue reading Physics 101: Lesson 3


Rantings of a Man in Love….(Throwback)

20/5/11 It was a Tuesday Chapel service and the biography of Albert Einstein... Not so sure if it was during or after the reading that i heard the quote but i guess that doesn't really matter right?!...{Hmmm;... that's a first, everything matters to you,... for this not to matter,... there's a hidden story..}... [Can we … Continue reading Rantings of a Man in Love….(Throwback)

Get into the Kar, Ma….

It was a cold evening, I was sitting down studying then what I thought to be the hardest possible subjects anyone could face. It was a war against my mind and for a bit I was actually winning and then I heard it,... Loud and clear,... the exacts words were... "All SS1 boys come out … Continue reading Get into the Kar, Ma….