It is not a Joking Sturvs

He wakes up that morning with just 1 thought on his mind... "Today is the day".. He puts on the Tom Ford perfume he just spent his whole savings on... and for the first time in ages, he puts on a suit... {He really should read Barney's blog more often... #Legendary...}. He brushes his teeth … Continue reading It is not a Joking Sturvs


Just Another Friend Zone Story…

He sat on his bed staring at the wall opposite the wardrobe in his room. He was awe-struck by her response. He knew she had a short fuse and predicted that their relationship will end because of something he said. He just did not know the relationship-shattering statement would be "I love you". At this … Continue reading Just Another Friend Zone Story…

Engineering Maths 302: Newton Raphson Method

I remember the day I was to learn the Newton Raphson Method in school. I was at the back of class, talking to friends and i dont exactly remember the conversation but I am quite sure that the question of how useful it will all be in the end definitely came up. The class was rowdy … Continue reading Engineering Maths 302: Newton Raphson Method