and the Story continues…

"Wow, it's not yet morning?... would this night end already".... I laid there beside him, tired but devoid of rest. I would never have imagined that Helen would have convinced me to do it but seeing Charles at that bar helped make up my mind. I guess her description of him did not do him … Continue reading and the Story continues…


Of Sandy Beaches and Pretty Ladies

The first rays of the sun snuck into the room through the space between the window and the curtains.He was up way before the sun chose to show up staring at her wondering how they got there, who she was and most importantly, where he was altogether. His details of the previous night were sketchy, … Continue reading Of Sandy Beaches and Pretty Ladies

I will miss you

Hey guys its grad week. So it is that week in the school calender when I realize again that in a couple of days I will be crew-less #PhDProblems. It is sad to think that every year i would literally have to find a period in which i go out more so that I meet … Continue reading I will miss you