Compliments of the Chef

Coming to the UK a couple of years ago taught me a couple of things; one of the most essential being the ability to make a nice dish with limited resources over the phone. I suddenly stopped understanding why dishes in Nigeria took so long to make. I must admit at this point that mine … Continue reading Compliments of the Chef


Physics 101: Lesson 4

I have never travelled by canoe before... [yeah... Not all Africans who come from riverine/coastal areas have travelled by sea and if you were shocked,... BREAKING NEWS!!!... You are] However, I assume based on the little physics I know that to produce a resulting forward motion, you either have to push/pull forward with one … Continue reading Physics 101: Lesson 4

Two Whom It may Concern

So it has been officially two years since I was convinced by a certain young lady to begin blogging. I guess it is safe to say Happy 2nd Anniversary. Last year was a rather boring one I must say,... Not a lot of interesting stuff happened that could be translated into a great blog post … Continue reading Two Whom It may Concern