Wrong Timing

It is the 30th of July,... I had known her for just 2 weeks... we had hit off though,... I started with the lie that I lived in Lagos and just got transferred to Akwa Ibom,... She told me her name was Glory while it was actually,..... something else I didn't know that she liked … Continue reading Wrong Timing


He Loves the Way He Lies

It was 6:37 am... He just woke up and as the normal routine dictated, he picked up his phone repeating the same words to himself every day, "My Bible is on my phone"... He dealt with all notifications first before muttering a quick prayer, reading a couple of scripture-based posts shared on his facebook timeline … Continue reading He Loves the Way He Lies

A Star was Born

OK... I do not know how to put this delicately... i.e. without being excited so I guess I'll say it like that.... "MY VALENTINE'S GIFT WAS BETTER THAN YOURS"... lmao... mind me not... I guess it is better said like this, "I got my best valentine's day gift ever"... (Well,... it was my first so … Continue reading A Star was Born