Waking up this morning feels like such a chore but I had no choice as the sun’s rays evaded my blinds and blinded my closed eyes. I turn over to the other side of the bed hoping to escape the sun and all I see is a pillow with a dent where her head was, a few hours earlier. I sat up, stretched and picked my phone to text her only to see that she had already done the honours.

Hi, Thanks for last night… I had to run,… There is bread & egg on the counter and juice in the fridge… we should do this again soon…;)

I take a quick shower, dress up and head to the kitchen to get breakfast. Food was served but there was a little more than bread & eggs on the menu. There she was, pretty much unclad with only lingerie interrupting, legs opened wide and an index finger calling me towards her. Unbridled shock masked my face and she said calmly,… “Don’t look so startled, I was on my way out and decided to start my day off right”

I crawl on the table, forgetting all my commitments for the day. They seem to have disappeared as quickly as the shocked look on my face which had been replaced with all shades of lust. I begin with a kiss on her forehead and my fingers take a walk over to her back…. and whilst they accomplished their mission on the other side I couldn’t help thinking to myself…

It all began in the DM

Signing out,


NB: This continues in Slideshow


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