Life seems to be falling apart… everything is going wrong… I am trying to balance both love and work lives but the only thing that seems to be in equilibrium is this overwhelming atmosphere of failure that hovers around me. I stare over my shoulder at the screen on the table next to me. I knew I had no business comparing myself to the next person but his screen just showed how much work I still had to do.

I knew a mood swing was imminent; the office had become my go-to sad place for when I needed a reality check but what was about to happen was nothing short of fantasy. It begins when the LED light on my phone suddenly turns a pale shade of blue… I unlock my phone and although I know that the notification was for Instagram,… I opened Whatsapp instead hoping I had missed some message I could reply and start an interesting conversation.

I am quite passive on Instagram so it was shocking to actually get a 3-hit combo of Instagram notifications. I got a new follower, a few new likes, and last but certainly not least,… a DM, all from the same young lady. It read simply…

Thanks for the other night… I thnk we should do that again…

I was quite confused,… who was she and what happened the other night?…. I know I went out to see one of the boys, we had a few drinks (well… a little over a few)… we danced mostly… and I woke up at home. I went to her Instagram page and her face did not ring any bells but her most recent picture left me dumbfounded,… It was a picture of me,… on one knee, my arms around her waist but at least not holding any rings… her caption said it all,…

…The heat of the moment…

I knew not who she was but evidently, we have history… I quickly reply,… “Hey,… It was nice to meet up… Let’s do it again… whatever ‘it’ was”… I guess she wasn’t scared to ‘slide’ and I guess this is where I give her a ‘show’.

Signing Out


NB: This continues from DM


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