Singularly Married (Bonus Piece)

I sat quietly in my chair staring at the altar and I must say, never had I ever seen her look so beautiful. She was my ex and I guess she had found the man of her dreams given that I was sitting beside the lady of my nightmares. Yes, I sat quietly with my own wife and how I let her come for this wedding is still beyond me.

We had broken up on the goodest (for lack of a better word… [best would have worked just fine, though]) of notes and although it was painful, we knew we had it coming. Our timelines were not in sync. I was done with everything else and marriage seemed like the logical next step but she had plans and dreams and who was I to step in the way of her awesomeness. So it only made sense to end things and it wasn’t long before I was singing “Hey there Delilah” to the lady who was actually going to cut my hair, bind me and take out my eyes…. [well not literally but you get what I mean…].

We would be 2 years in 3 months but it seemed like an eternity. Almost felt like from the moment I said, “I do”, time slowed down and not in the awesome action kind of way. Nothing moved at an exciting pace and our best years were surely behind us. I had started drinking heavily, hanging out at bars till late, and getting my sexual advances turn down 1 out of 20 attempts. Pornhub had become my best friend and to be honest, it was a bit more interesting than the real thing as I would definitely give her an ‘E’ for effort. Nothing too different from the bachelors I knew.

Well, I guess I had no one to blame but myself. I was about to literally be part of the audience that is going to watch my dream girl ride off into the hypothetical sunset with another man. He was officially about to be the luckiest man on earth and me,… I guess I was just more single than I was supposed to be.

Signing Out,



5 thoughts on “Singularly Married (Bonus Piece)

  1. I can imagine…. would be in an “almost the character’s shoes” in few weeks. Almost because though I’m not married, I’m painfully single. LOL!
    Beautiful Piece

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