Preaching to the Choir

They had been friends a long time and as you would guess, he met her in church.  She was leading praise and worship and he remembered thinking to himself,… “Wow, I would definitely hit that”. He walked up to her after service and said, “You have an amazing voice, we should hang out sometime”. Her response, “Sure, but I would like to at least know who I would be hanging out with”. The conversation went on for a bit, church stories were traded, and a hang out date was fixed.

He arrived at her house in a taxi on the first hang out night, calls her and she walked down the steps in front of her house. It was nothing short of angelic so much so that the pop music in the background seemed to swiftly morph into Handel’s Messiah… [The Hallelujah Chorus part to be precise]. I get out of the car and scurry off to her side of the car to open the door for her, and she gets in…. I again scurry to my side to get in,… discharge destination instructions like a Starfleet captain and quickly shift my focus to the young lady by my side. He was about to start off an epic rant when she says with a smile on her face, “Before we move forward, I would like to say; this is not a date, and I am not interested in a relationship. I hope you understand”… his response, “Oh ok,… yeah  I do, friends then”. This was the beginning of a long history of ‘hang out’ nights, all leading up to tonight.

“If you weren’t as active in church, I would have asked you out since”… His exact words to her as he sat across her on the table, having what they called the best steak in the land and some not so exquisite wine. She chuckled a little… You know, the real life equivalent of a text “lol”… She followed this with a short but simple question, “Why do you guys like bad girls though?” which incited a long conversation where he probably said, “Bad girls ain’t no good and good girls ain’t no fun” more times that was necessary. Finally, dinner was over, and in his usual fashion, he made the same calculator joke about us splitting the bill and with a stern face, she says, “You get this one”. He was a bit shocked because we usually split the bill halfway. He kept quiet though while she ordered a taxi for them to leave.

It was a pretty quiet ride to her place. Each of them on their phones and discussing the random song that popped up on the radio. They got to her place, and we both came down; her to go in and him to walk her to the door. They got to the door and as he leant in for a hug, she whispered, “Well, since you are not going to ask me out because of church, why don’t you come in and lay hands on me”… He could not hide the shock of this one as he stared at her and she winked and ended the taxi ride on her phone. She walked in, his hand in hers and he could not help feeling glad that he kept quiet about the bill as not so long from now,… He would be preaching to the choir

Signing out,



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