Economics 101: Lesson 2

I laid there in bed, staring at the ceiling after what I would describe as an okay night. She was not so neatly tucked away at the other side of the bed so I guess I had unconsciously drifted away mid-cuddle once again. In my opinion, I was up too early; so early that no one was replying their text messages. She woke up not so long after,… I guess I was not as quiet as I thought I was.

“Hello Sunshine”, I said with a kiss on her forehead and with it came that a heavenly smile from her. She stretched, intentionally pushing my face in our usual morning-after game,… I would typically have been expected to start the pillow fight but today I was not exactly in the mood,… Last night was less than optimal and I was wondering if I was the only one who felt it. I quickly catch her hand wrap mine around her and whisper,… “I guess you have heard of the law of diminishing marginal utility”… She goes “Yeah I have, and…”.

It was the only thing I think I picked up from economics before branching into engineering. Trying my best not to sound stupid as I said it, I uttered, “I  know it as satisfaction from a product reducing the more you take it. Like if you are thirsty and wanted a drink, the first glass of cranberry juice offers the most satisfaction,… subsequent glasses not as much. Then you are left with a choice, change the product or drop the glass. So if you still want a drink,… you could a bit of apple vodka and triple sec,… and satisfaction is restored”.

She giggles and says,… “and the moral of the story is?…”. I take a deep breath and say, “What do you think about a threesome – to spike our glass of cranberry juice”. She bursts out laughing and says,… “Do you know about the law of diminishing returns?”… I scratch my head for a bit and reply saying, “Yeah,… kinda,… ok No I don’t…” then she goes, “the law of diminishing returns can be easily explained with a farm which has 10 labourers which produce 1 tonne of wheat every year. If you add 1 more worker making them 11, you may get 1.2 tonnes of wheat and if you make them 12, you may get 1.44 tonnes. However, if you make them 13, they may begin to step on each other and even on the wheat thus damaging the crops and slowing down work for each other so you may end up with 1.3 tonnes. Therefore, you have higher costs and less production”. All this without breaking her smile.

 In a similar of the fashion, I ask, “So what is the moral of the story?”… She goes, “You and your hand is, lack of a better term, Hand-some,… You and me,… that’s awesome. A 3-some though is like adding that extra unit of labour,… the other person could step on either of us and not do stuff how we would like, so we end up less satisfied than when it was just the both of us”. With no further logical arguments, I say, “And that is why I love you… always talking me out of BS”. We giggle briefly and that turns into a steamy make-out in no time.

Three hours later:

I laid there in bed, staring at the ceiling after what I would describe as an amazing morning. I am trying to think about work and life and family but all that is going through my head is how some economic banter was enough to spike the cranberry juice.

Signing out,



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