Life seems to be falling apart... everything is going wrong... I am trying to balance both love and work lives but the only thing that seems to be in equilibrium is this overwhelming atmosphere of failure that hovers around me. I stare over my shoulder at the screen on the table next to me. I knew … Continue reading Slideshow



Waking up this morning feels like such a chore but I had no choice as the sun's rays evaded my blinds and blinded my closed eyes. I turn over to the other side of the bed hoping to escape the sun and all I see is a pillow with a dent where her head was, a few … Continue reading DM

That Can Be Arranged

Today marks the first day of the rest of my life. I just got back; PhD done and dusted… I would finally get the respect I deserve. Them no born the devil well to call me by just my name; The ‘Dr’ must be present. “Aniekan Sunday Akpanudo!!!”… “Yes, Mum”… {well,… them born my mama … Continue reading That Can Be Arranged


She drifted off from the scent of the flower, From the fragrance of wet soil and grass, The cold winter wind soothed her skin, She closed her eyes and drifted further away, She wanted him there. At that, she heard his voice, Eyes opened, Sam Black Stood there with a beaming smile. -B Check Out … Continue reading Drift

On the Hook!

Have you ever been in 1 of those situations where you really want to see someone... For konji inspired reasons... So, all the reasons they are giving for not being able to make it are suddenly unreasonable. It was, therefore, no surprise that Tunji was about to pay no heed to whatever Sandra had to say. … Continue reading On the Hook!

Death in Silence

Olumide: "This is the end, I cannot take this BS anymore"... Those were the words I thought just before stepping out of the house. I had had it with this 'situationship'; I mean don't get me wrong, Dera was a wonderful lady. Curves in all the right places and do not even get me started … Continue reading Death in Silence

Wrong Timing

It is the 30th of July,... I had known her for just 2 weeks... we had hit off though,... I started with the lie that I lived in Lagos and just got transferred to Akwa Ibom,... She told me her name was Glory while it was actually,..... something else I didn't know that she liked … Continue reading Wrong Timing